About District 4

Yuba County Supervisorial District 4 includes Beale AFB, the communities of Plumas Lake and Wheatland, portions of Arboga/North Plumas Lake (Plumas Lake Country Club, Fairway Downs, Wheeler Ranch), portions of Smartsville (Gold Village), and Camp Far West.  Map of District 4

Population & Size:  At the 2010 census, District 4 had 14,448 residents with 10,610 (73%) people living in Plumas Lake (5835), Wheatland (3456), and at Beale AFB (1319).  The District is the second largest, by area, in Yuba County, covering almost 150 square miles.

Recreation:  Outdoor recreation opportunities abound in the district as it includes the Bear River, Feather River, and portions of Camp Far West Lake and the Spenceville Wildlife Area.  Residents and visitors alike enjoy using these areas for hunting, target shooting, fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, off-roading, wildlife viewing, and more.  In addition, the Toyota Amphitheater is located in the District, which is the primary outdoor concert venue in the Sacramento region.   Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm is also located in the District, and is enjoyed by hundred thousand visitors annually.

Industry:  In additional the recreation, defense and agriculture are the primary industries in District 4.  Beale AFB employs ~7000 government and civilian employees, making it the largest employer between Sacramento and the Oregon border.  Beale AFB is not only important to the economy of District 4, but the entire region.  Much of the land in the District outside of Beale is devoted to agriculture; including rice fields, orchards, and grazing land.