Hard Rock Sacramento at Fire Mountain?

I’m sure you have seen them… legitimate questions (and a few negative comments) on social media about the name of the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino that will be opening this fall in south Yuba County.  Most of these questions are surrounding the inclusion of Sacramento in the name and a few are curious about the name Fire Mountain.  Hopefully this post will help address those questions and concerns, at least from my perspective.

First, let’s look at a few of the facts:

  • The address of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is 3317 Forty Mile Rd,  Wheatland CA.  That is the location listed on their website and Facebook page.  
  • The closest community to the Hard Rock is actually Olivehurst at just over 2 miles, followed by Plumas Lake at about 3.5 miles, and then Wheatland at about 6 miles.
  • Yuba County is considered part of the Sacramento region, thus Hard Rock is located in the Sacramento region.
  • Yuba County is located in the Sacramento Valley, thus Hard Rock is located in the Sacramento Valley.

It’s clear that Hard Rock chose to go with a regional name, Sacramento, verse a local name like Hard Rock Wheatland or Hard Rock Marysville.

I think it made a lot of sense to use a regional name when you consider Hard Rock is an international brand and are going after a national and international market as opposed to just a Northern California one.  It definitely shouldn’t be taken as anything negative about our area.  A quick review of the Hard Rock Hotels website shows there are other Hard Rock locations with regional names including Lake Tahoe, Riviera Maya, Tulsa, and Vancouver.

In my opinion, bringing people from around the globe and the nation to Yuba County is a good thing. The project creates many local jobs (over 1400) and additional entertainment options for us locally. In addition, it’s also anticipated it will be the catalyst that brings additional sports and entertainment related businesses to its immediate vicinity.

So what about Fire Mountain?
The Estom Yumeka Maidu Indians of the Enterprise Rancheria is the Native American tribe at the heart of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino project. Fire Mountain is from the tribes creation story; that they emerged from Fire Mountain. The mountain is also known as Stringtown Mountain and is located near Lake Oroville.