Week of 10/31/22

My Recent Activities

Halloween kicked off the week, and the Board of Supervisors and the Clerk of the Board’s office dressed up as Alice in Wonderland and took first place in the county costume contest.  

Tuesday was a Yuba Water Agency Board meeting where we approved a $9M grant to TRLIA to improve flood protection to the 300-year level in south Yuba County.  Also on Tuesday were a Yuba Water Communications Committee meeting and a TRLIA board meeting.

On Wednesday, I joined Supervisor Blaser and Rachel Downs to give an update on What’s Happening in Yuba County to the Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee, then had a lunch meeting at the Brick with incoming SACOG chair Supervisor Kennedy from Sacramento County. I ended the day with a ribbon cutting at Arboga Elementary and then a LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Committee) meeting.  

Thursday, I was down in Sacramento for a SACOG (Sacramento Area Council of Governments) Transportation Committee meeting, a SACOG lunch presentation about passenger rail in the 16-county mega-region, and a GSEC (Greater Sacramento Economic Council) reception with regional leaders and national site selectors attending a familiarization tour.

I attended a Yuba-Sutter EDC (Economic Development Corporation) meeting Friday morning, followed by the annual Salvation Army Race for the Kettle at Hard Rock that evening.  I attended the REST Fundraiser Dinner on Saturday evening and, on Sunday, the Sikh festival.

Looking ahead to this week:

My schedule is lighter this week, starting with an introductory meeting between Yuba County and our new CPUC representative.  Tuesday is a Board of Supervisors meeting (via Zoom only due to the election) and a Wheatland City Council meeting. I’ll be in Sacramento on Thursday morning for the SACOG Board Meeting and in Wheatland for the District 4 Community Health Assessment Focus Group. Friday is a Yuba Water Agency chair/vice-chair/general manager meeting, followed by the Yuba Sutter Veterans Parade.

Remember that Tuesday is election day; please make sure to turn in your ballot to make your voice will be heard!

*Picture is a collage of various things from my week: Happy Halloween from the Board of Supervisors & Clerk of the Boards office, Salvation Army Race for the Kettle fundraiser, DOCO at Night, my new picture at the Government Center, Arboga Elementary Facility Expansion Groundbreaking, meeting at the Brick, Yuba City Sikh Festival, SACOG Transportation Committee meeting, and GSEC Reception.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!