Week of 03/27/23

My Recent Activities

This week was a Yuba County Board of Supervisors Meeting.  Some highlights from the agenda included: approving and awarding the 2023 Yuba County Park and Landscape Maintenance Agreement to Elite Service Experts for park and landscape maintenance (this includes landscape maintenance in Plumas Lake); approving an agreement with R&F Engineering for Star Bend Boat Ramp Sediment Removal Project; received a presentation from City of Marysville regarding Momentum of Marysville; and received a Code Enforcement Department Update.  Tuesday at 6 pm was a Wheatland City Council meeting, and you can find the agenda here.

Additional meetings on my calendar included a National Association of Counties (NACo) Broadband Mapping Working Group, a Nothern California Water Association (NCWA) Dry Year Task Force, a Yuba County Community Health Improvement Process Kick-Off, a Yuba Water Agency Agenda Review, a meeting with Blue Zones Yuba Sutter, and a meeting with representatives from the Northstate Building Industry Association (BIA).  One common theme from the Blue Zones and BIA meetings was the importance of the built environment, including trails and walkability.  I also attended an Easter Pop Up at Eufay Wood Park in Plumas Lake on Saturday.

Looking ahead to this week

This week is a Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors meeting.  Some key items from the agenda include a CEQA Notice of Exemption for the Power Systems Headquarters Project in Oregon House, a presentation providing an overview of the power grid, balancing authorities, and how Yuba Water provides wholesale power to the grid through CAIS, and a presentation about the Yuba Water Supply Mission.

Additional meetings on my calendar include a Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) Land Use and Natural Resources (LUNR) Committee meeting. an OPUD Park Committee Meeting, a Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee, a Yuba Water Agency chair/vice-chair/general-manager breakfast, and possibly an OPUD Liason Committee meeting.  Key agenda items from the SACOG LUNR meeting include a presentation on City of Auburn Planning Efforts: Form-based Codes and the Domes Redevelopment Area and 2025 Blueprint Pathways: Pavement Cost Estimates.

*Picture is a collage of various things from my week:   Getting ready for a meeting at Constant Grind at Hard Rock, meeting with Blue Zones Yuba Sutter at the Brick in Downtown Marysville, Easter Bunny Picture at Eufay Wood Park in Plumas Lake, and Community Health Improvement Process Meeting at the Yuba County Government Center.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!