Week of 07/31/23

My Recent Activities

Tuesday was a Yuba Water Agency board of directors meeting and the agenda was fairly light.  Later that afternoon I had a Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority (TRLIA) meeting and on the agenda was approval of the 2023/2024 CFD 2006 annual tax reports.  I had two other board meetings this week including a monthly Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) Land Use and Natural Resources (LUNR) committee and a quarterly Yuba-Sutter Economic Development Corporation (YSEDC) quarterly board meeting, a YSEDC executive committee meeting, and a Yuba Sutter Chamber of Commerce Executive committee.  The SACOG LUNR agenda included a presentation from Yuba City on infill development and a Public Health Performance Evaluation related to the 2025 Blueprint Pathways.  I also attended a SACOG presentation about defining disadvantaged communities.

I attended all of these meetings remotely, as unfortunately, I spent my week at home with COVID.  I’m thankful that AB 2994 allows board members to attend meetings remotely up to twice a year for things like illness or when you are out of town on agency-related business.  Unfortunately, it’s limited to just twice per year, as my constituents deserve my attendance whenever I’m physically unable to attend a meeting in person due to travel or illness, but available.  Being quarantined at home, I did have to miss multiple in-person events I had planned for the week including the Plumas Lake Community Walking Moai on Monday morning, National Night Out on Tuesday in Wheatland, and the United Way Service Awards on Thursday (where Yuba Water Agency received a Yuba Water received the non-profit’s “President’s Award” for our service shown through our core missions, local partnerships, Community Impact Grant and Loan Program, and more.

I participated in a discussion on Plumas Lake Social Media about the condition of maintained landscaping in various areas of Plumas Lake.  Due to confusion about what areas the County, through our contractor Elite, maintain and what areas property owners are responsible for, I put together some maps to help the community identify county responsibility areas.  I also described how to report county-maintained areas that need additional focus or have irrigation issues and what to do if private homeowners are not maintaining their property and creating health and safety concerns.  As I’m sure the topic will come up again, I created a blog post that can be shared in the future.

Looking ahead to this week

This week is a Yuba County Board of Supervisors Meeting.  A few highlights from the agenda include: a memorandum of understanding with Yuba City for a Dispatch Services Consolidation Feasibility Study, a quarterly update from Health and Human Services, and a presentation to of service awards to County employees.  The Tuesday morning board meeting will be followed by the annual budget workshop that will continue through the day on Wednesday.  As you can see from the schedule, the workshop provides each major department in the County an opportunity to address the board and talk about their accomplishments for the last fiscal year and their goals and challenges for the next fiscal year.  The workshop is open to the public.

Additional meetings on my calendar include a Yuba Water Agency Agenda Review, a meeting with AT&T, a meeting with Amazon Web Services, a meeting to discuss the status of the effort to bring water and regional wastewater service to the Hwy 65 corridor, and a SACOG Strategic Planning Committee meeting.  The SACOG committee agenda includes a discussion of pricing and toling strategies for the region and an update on the 2025 regional blueprint.

On Friday, I’ll be participating in an Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) regional tour of The Geysers in Lake County to learn about the connection between the watershed and power generation.

From a community meeting and event standpoint, I’ll be leading the Plumas Lake Community Walking Moai on Monday morning at 6:30 starting at Eufay Wood Park, a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Tri-County Juvenile Hall in Marysville, and potentially the grand opening celebration of the Yuba City Holiday Inn on Monday evening.  I’m also excited to be the speaker at my Rotary Club this Thursday morning and will be talking about the North Valley Rail Project.  If you’d like to join us, we meet over breakfast at 7 am at Tracey’s Diner in Marysville.

*Picture is a collage of various things from my week:   Infrastructure going in for the final subdivision in Rio Del Oro (285 homes), progress on the River Oaks Family Apartments (48 units), fresh overlay on Arboga Rd, maps of where Yuba County/Elite maintain landscaping, fresh overlay on Plumas Arobga near Wheeler Ranch, infrastructure complete for a new subdivision (162 lots) across from the fire station, and infrastructure going in for Wheeler Ranch phase 2 (434 homes). [all pictures in the Plumas Lake area]

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!