Week of 08/07/23

My Recent Activities

This week was a Yuba County Board of Supervisors Meeting.  A few highlights from the agenda included a memorandum of understanding with Yuba City for a Dispatch Services Consolidation Feasibility Study, a quarterly update from Health and Human Services, and a presentation of service awards to County employees.  The Tuesday morning board meeting was followed by the annual budget workshop that will continue through the day on Wednesday.  At the workshop, each department presented to the board their requested budget and how their goals for the next year align with the Yuba County Strategic Plan.

Additional meetings on my calendar included a Yuba Water Agency Agenda Review, a meeting with AT&T to discuss their desire to stop providing traditional landline service in areas that have alternatives, a meeting with Amazon Web Services, a meeting to discuss the status of the effort to bring water and regional wastewater service to the Hwy 65 corridor, and a SACOG Strategic Planning Committee meeting.  The SACOG committee agenda included a discussion of pricing and toling strategies for the region and an update on the 2025 regional blueprint.

On Friday, had the opportunity to join the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) for a tour of the Geysers Geothermal area in Sonoma and Lake Counties to explore the connections between watersheds and power generation; something Yuba Water Agency is extremely familiar with.  Some interesting information about the geothermal generation that occurs there: it encompasses 45 square miles, it generates 700+ megawatts (almost double Yuba Water, and enough for 700k homes), it’s made up of 13 separate power plants, and it uses a steam reservoir that exists between 4K to 15k below the surface.

From a community meeting and event standpoint, I led the Plumas Lake Community Walking Moai on Monday morning at 6:30 starting at Eufay Wood Park, attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Tri-County Juvenile Hall in Marysville, and attended the grand opening celebration of the Yuba City Holiday Inn.  On Thursday morning, I spoke about the North Valley Rail Project to my Rotary Club.   I also had an opportunity to attend the Wheatland Cruise Night and the Plumas Lake Picnic in the Park on Saturday.

Looking ahead to this week

This week is a Yuba County Water Agency Board of Directors meeting.  The agenda includes approval of the revised Yuba Water Agency Energy Risk Management Policy, an update on the Watershed Resilience Program, and a presentation from an intern on projects completed during the 2023 Summer Intern Program.

Meetings on my calendar include a SACOG Board of Directors Meeting, a NACo West Region Meeting, an overview and feedback session for rural counties on the California Water Commission’s Water Resilience Portfolio, and a Yuba County Employee Service Awards Luncheon.  I’m not sure if I’ll be attending, but there is an OPUD meeting (agenda) on Thursday evening and a Yuba County Planning Commission meeting (agenda) on Wednesday evening.

From a community meeting and event standpoint, I’ll be leading the Plumas Lake Community Walking Moai on Monday morning at 6:30 starting at Eufay Wood Park, a tour of the Feather River Temple in Yuba City, and possibly Third Thursday at River Highlands Ranch in Smartsville.

The SACOG board meeting will be held in Yuba County and it’s a great opportunity for the public to attend if they are interested.  The agenda and board packet can be found here.  I’m going to get an opportunity to welcome the SACOG board and staff to Yuba County and Yuba County staff and Blue Zones will be giving a presentation titled “Improving Public Health and Safety in Yuba County’s Disinvested Communities”.


I made two important announcements this week:

  • East Plumas Lake Townhall:  Due to concerns expressed by Plumas Lake residents on the east side of Hwy 70 about emergency evacuation, I’ll be hosting a virtual town hall with Yuba County OES, the Yuba County Sheriff, Yuba County Community Development, and potentially the Linda Fire Chief.  The purpose of the meeting is to address resident concerns about evacuations of that area in the case of an emergency.  The meeting will be held at 7pm on August 30th and additional details will be forthcoming.
  • Re-Election Announcement:  I formally announced that I’m seeking re-election in 2024 and released the following statement:
    • It’s a privilege and an honor to represent you, and we’ve achieved a lot together in the last 7 years. But there’s more to be done, and I’m committed to continuing to represent you, focusing on livability, opportunity, and transparency for Plumas Lake, Wheatland, and all of Yuba County.  That’s why I’m excited to announce I’m seeking re-election in 2024. I’m committed to facing our challenges and capitalizing on our opportunities to make Yuba County a great place to live, work, and play. For more information, please visit www.vote4bradford.org. #Bradford2024 #Vote4Bradford

*Picture is a collage of various things from my week:   Wheatland Cruise, Plumas Lake Picnic in the Park, Ribbon Cutting for the Yuba City Holiday Inn, Plumas Lake Community Walking Moai, Honoring Yuba County Employees with 20 Years of Service, Ribbon Cutting for the Tri-County Juvenile Hall, Presentation to South Yuba Sunrise Rotary about the North Valley Rail Project, Pavement Overlay in Arboga/North Plumas Lake, and ACWA Tour of the Geysers Geothermal Power Production Site.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!