Week of 05/13/24

My Recent Activities

Tuesday was a Board of Supervisors Meeting  and the agenda contained multiple items I think the public will be interested in, including that we:

  • Considered and appointed Treasurer-Tax Collector from finalists to fill the unexpired term of Dan Mierzwa to January 5, 2027 (we appointed Jolie Turk)
  • Approved the Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Plan for Plumas Lake, Olivehurst, Linda, and West Linda communities.
  • Approved release of request for proposal for surveillance upgrades for Plumas Lake Elementary School District through Yuba County Sheriff’s COPS 2020 School Violence Prevention Program grant

I had several additional board and committee meetings on my calendar this week including a Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) board meeting (agenda), a Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) board meeting (agenda), a Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA) board meeting (agenda), a Golen State Connect Authority (GSCA) board meeting (agenda), and a National Association of Counties (NACo) Telecommunications and Technology Policy Steering Committee meeting,   At the SACOG meeting, Col Church from Beale AFB gave a presentation about the importance of the base to our regional economy and our national security and we continued the development of the 25-year regional land use and transportation plan (Blueprint 2025) with a presentation on Prioritizing Build Out and More Complete Communities.  The RCRC (and GSFA/GSCA) meeting was in Monterey County (Salinas) as every year one of our board meetings is in the county that the chair is from, and this year that is Monterey.  Next year our RCRC county of the chair meeting will be in Modoc, the only county in California that I’ve never be to.

Additional meetings on my calendar include a NACo West Region monthly meeting, a Yuba Water Agenda review meeting, and a SACOG breakfast meeting to discuss the book “The Color of Law” which the board was encouraged to read.

There was a Wheatland City Council meeting on Tuesday at 6 pm and one item on the agenda that city residents might be especially interested in is “Approving SB-1 Funding Project List for Fiscal Year 2024-25”.   On Thursday at 7 pm there was an OPUD meeting and Plumas Lake residents may be interested in multiple items on the agenda. including approval of the monthly picnic in the park / second Saturday event.  The Yuba County Planning Commission met at 6 pm on Wednesday and the agenda includes approval of 102 homes in the Arboga/North Plumas Lake area in the Feather Glen II development, which was approved by the commission.

Community-related meetings and events I attended this week include the Peace Officer’s Memorial Ceremony in Yuba City, a graduation for the Yuba Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy, the 100th annual Wheatland Pet Parade, the 150th Birthday Celebration of the City of Wheatland, the Beale Auto Expo, Dinner in the Orchard, and a celebration of Caltrans District 3 and 2 Bits Express becoming Blue Zones Certified.


Looking ahead to this week

This Tuesday is a Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors meeting  and the agenda contains an item I think the public will be interested in :

  •  Receive an update on the South County Infrastructure Project and give direction on proceeding with developing an interim financing plan and preparing for the Phase I RFP. (Note: The South County Infrastructure Project is critical for employment, entertainment, services, and housing for Yuba County and I’m excited to see it continue to move forward).

Following the Board of Directors meeting, we’ll have a special meeting to receive information from legal counsel regarding the Yuba Water Agency Act spending authority and authorizations.  Two other meetings in the 4th District that the community might want to consider attending this week are the PLESD special meeting to appoint someone to the vacant board position and a Wheatland General Plan Ad-Hoc Committee meeting.

Additional meetings on my calendar include a strategic plan discussion with a sheriff’s deputy, a meet and greet with the new Beale AFB community program specialist, a meeting to learn about Yuba College’s Strengthening Community efforts, and a Hard Rock Development Committee meeting.

Community-related meetings and events I plan to be at this week include the 2024 Yuba City Mayor’s Bus tour, an Ellis Lake Ribbon Cutting, and possibly the Community Cruise and Bike Rodeo.


Announcements & Events

*Picture is a collage of various things from my week:  Presenting a proclamation from the Board of Supervisors at Wheatland’s 150th birthday celebration; with our dog Gerold at the 100th annual Wheatland Pet Parade;  Dinner in the Orchard to support Soroptimist; celebrating Caltrans District 3 and 2 Bits Express achieving Blue Zones certifications; Yuba Sheriff Citizen’s Academy graduation; Yuba-Sutter Peace Officer Memorial service; dinner with RCRC chair and Monterey County Supervisor, Chris Lopez, at the RCRC board meeting in Monterey County; Beale AFB Car show; Beale AFB Commander Col Church presenting to the SACOG board; and Plumas Lake Monday morning walking Moai.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!