Week of 06/17/24

My Recent Activities

Tuesday was the Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors meeting and the agenda contained multiple items I think the public will be interested in :

  • – Approval of the FY 24/25 proposed budget
  • Consider approval of a grant for $541,286 and amend cash flow loan to increase line of credit from $550,000 to $6,025,696 to Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority to cover ongoing flood risk reduction project activity and cash flow Hallwood North Training Wall project activity, respectively.

Additional meetings on my calendar included a Yuba Water Agency South County Infrastructure committee meeting, a discussion of Prop 1, a South Yuba Transportation  Improvement Authority (SYTIA) board meeting, a Northern California Water Association (NCWA) executive committee meeting, a Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority (TRLIA) board meeting [agenda], and a Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) board meeting [agenda].  At the SACOG meeting, we approved the regional and use scenario that will serve as the basis of the 25-year regional and use and transportation plan, known as Blueprint 2025.

At the South Yuba Transportation Improvement Authority (SYTIA) meeting this afternoon we took several actions I believe the public will be interested in, including:
  • Changed the name of the East Wheatland Expressway project to the Beale Expressway project.
  • Approved the approve Project Study Report (PSR-PDS) for the Beale Expressway (https://bit.ly/4c7vY6b)
  • Move forward with the Project Approval and Environmental Documents (PA&ED) phases of the Beale Expressway
  • Approve the FY 24/25 SYTIA budget which includes $1.5M for Plumas Lake Boulevard Interchange Phase II Right of Way Acquisition

I also attended an OPUD meeting  [agenda] to thank them for their partnership with the City of Wheatland, Yuba County, and Yuba Water Agency on the South County Infrastructure (wastewater) project and encourage the board to support the MOU. This project is critical for the economic future of Yuba County and is as significant as the construction of New Bullards Bar and the $400M+ spent on levee upgrades. It lays the foundation for over 40,000 future jobs.  Plumas Lake residents will be happy to know that the design work for the fix to the lift station at River Oaks and Zanes is complete and the board will consider bidding on the fix at or before their July meeting. It’s expected to be complete by the end of the year.

On Friday morning the Marysville City Council held an emergency meeting to declare a local state of emergency due to the Marysville Hotel fire.  I attended the meeting and the press-conference that followed. Hopefully, this will provide State resources to assist with the situation. There were elected officials from Yuba County, Sutter County, Yuba City, and Oroville there to help convey the regional impact of this event, and I made that statement during public comment.

Community-related meetings and events I plan to be at this week include the 2024 Yuba Sutter Fair Kick-off.


Looking ahead to this week

This Tuesday is a Yuba County Board of Supervisors meeting and the agenda contains multiple items I think the public will be interested in :

  • Restrictions on activities in the Feather River Setback Area to reduce criminal activity and provide residents and visitors safe access to the river.
  • Extension of development agreements for three previously approved subdivisions in the Plumas Lake and Arboga area.
  • Award the contract for dredging the boat ramp at Star Bend.
  • Receive recommendations from the Board of Supervisors regarding the City of Marysville’s local emergency due to the fire at the Marysville Hotel and direct County staff as appropriate.

Additional meetings on my calendar include a meeting with Enterprise Rancheria and Hard Rock to get an update on the master planning efforing in the Sports and Entertainment zone and a discussion about broadband and AB 2797.

Community-related meetings and events I plan to be at this week include 3rd Annual “Together We’re Better” fundraiser golf tournament for Yuba Sutter Colusa United Way and the Plumas Lake Bike Path Ribbon Cutting.

From Wednesday afternoon through Friday evening I’ll be in Denver with fellow SACOG board members to learn about regional transportation and land use in the Denver area.  The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) will host us and some highlights include:

  • A presentation from the Colorado Department of Transportation on their tolling efforts in the region.
  • Presentations from developers on affordable housing projects, and redevelopment of infill areas in the region like Steam on the Platte and the Lowry Airforce Base.
  • Connecting with the Regional Transit District, Denver’s transit provider, to learn about their projects and bus rapid transit corridor in Colfax.
  • Opportunities to connect with elected officials throughout the trip and a special dinner with DRCOG board members sponsored by SMUD.


Announcements & Events

*Picture is a collage of various things from my week:  Press Conference for City of Marysville State of Emergency, Plumas Lake Walking Moai, SACOG Mobility Zone Pop Up before our board meeting in Yuba City, OPUD Board Meeting, Ribbon Cutting for the Yuba-Sutter Fair.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!