Week of 06/10/24

My Recent Activities

Tuesday was a Yuba County Board of Supervisors meeting and the agenda contained multiple items I think the public will be interested in :

  • Consideration of the FY 24/25 Proposed  Budget.  (watch the presentation here, starting at 1:04:20)
  • Quarterly Public Safety Update from the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department (watch the presentation here, starting at 5:55)
  • Community Development and Services: Approve Public Interest Finding and award contract to TJKM Transportation Consultants for engineering and construction support services for the HSIP Cycle 11 Signal System Upgrade Project
  • Sheriff-Coroner: Approve memorandum of understanding with the City of Wheatland regarding access to the RIMS Public Safety System Software
  • Community Development and Services: Public Hearing – Hold a public hearing and approve the County Service Area (CSA) assessment summary for the fiscal year 2024-2025.
  • Community Development and Services: Appoint Community Development and Services Director and Administrative Services Director to negotiate real property APN 014-270-109-000

There was  a Wheatland City Council meeting on Tuesday at 6 pm and the agenda contained multiple items that City residents may be interested in:

  • Resolution of the Intention to Levy Assessments for Fiscal Year 2024-25, for the Wheatland-Premier Grove Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District
  • Consideration and Adoption of Resolution Approving the Budget, Control Policies, and Appropriations Limit for Fiscal Year 2024-25

Additional meetings on my calendar included a FEMA/USACE Levee Webinar, a Yuba Water Agency non-profit steering committee meeting, a Yuba Water Agency agenda review meeting, a public authority IHSS meeting, and an economic development opportunity meeting with Paleo Tech Group.

Community-related meetings and events attended this week include the Alliance for Hispanic Advancement scholarship dinner in Yuba City, and Groundbreaking for the State Route 65 Wheatland Pavement Rehabilitation Project.  Some details about the Highway 65 project include:

  • Caltrans project to rehabilitate pavement, add bike lanes, construct a Class I multi-use path, enhance crosswalk visibility, and add a traffic signal at McDevitt Drive.
  • The project is in Wheatland from 0.1 mile north of State Street to 0.3 mile north of Evergreen Drive.
  • The project has a cost of approx $10M and construction will be from June 2024 to December 2024.


Looking ahead to this week

This Tuesday is the Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors meeting and the agenda contains multiple items I think the public will be interested in :

  • – Approval of the FY 24/25 proposed budget
  • Consider approval of a grant for $541,286 and amend cash flow loan to increase line of credit from $550,000 to $6,025,696 to Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority to cover ongoing flood risk reduction project activity and cash flow Hallwood North Training Wall project activity, respectively.

Additional meetings on my calendar include a Yuba Water Agency South County Infrastructure committee meeting, a discussion of Prop 1, a South Yuba Transportation  Improvement Authority (SYTIA) board meeting, a Northern California Water Association (NCWA) executive committee meeting, a Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority (TRLIA) board meeting [agenda], a Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) board meeting [agenda], and a  National Association of Counties (NACo) West Region meeting.  There is also an OPUD meeting on Thursday at 7 am and you can find the agenda here.

Community-related meetings and events I plan to be at this week include the 2024 Yuba Sutter Fair Kick-off.


Announcements & Events

*Picture is a collage of various things from my week:  Groundbreaking for a Caltrans maintenance and safety project on Highway 65 in Wheatland, quarterly public safety update from the Sheriff’s Department to the Board of Supervisors, Plumas Lake Walking Moai, FY 24/25 Budget Presentation to the Board of Supervisors, Phase 1 of the River Oaks Blvd extension north to Arboga, the Alliance for Hispanic Advancement annual scholarship banquet.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!